Collective Bargaining

If you want experience dealing with a labor issue, FHKAD attorneys have it.

FHKAD has vast experience assisting employers in avoiding unfair labor practice allegations during a campaign for a union election. 

If required to bargain in good faith, FHKAD attorneys have negotiated well-over 1,000 collective bargaining agreements. 

Additionally, FHKAD attorneys have represented employees in over 500 arbitrations resulting from grievances filed alleging violations of a collective bargaining agreement. 

In the event of a strike or picketing, FHKAD attorneys have successfully obtained injunctions to limit strike activities.  FHKAD attorneys have also assisted clients in strike preparation matters. 

In short, on a daily basis, FHKAD attorneys assist clients with labor matters related to union organizing, negotiations and contract administration matters. 

Attorneys from FHKAD matters have represented clients in unfair labor practice matters before both the State Employment Relations Board and National Labor Relations Board. 

In fact, when decisions of the administrative agency have been appealed to courts for additional review, FHKA attorneys actively represented our clients.