Training, Policies & Manuals

FHKAD is active in training and educating our clients.

A guiding principle of FHKAD is that it serves to educate clients in order to prevent an allegation of wrongdoing in the workplace.  Consequently, FHKAD attorneys draw upon their years of experience in order to educate clients regarding various labor and employment subjects, including: the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Discipline and Standards of Conduct, Collective Bargaining Updates, Legal Updates, Ohio Public Records Law, Absenteeism,  Fair Labor Standards Act, Civil Service Law and other legal and personnel issues. Training is provided by FHKAD attorneys in a variety of manners. 

First, training can be provided directly to clients and their staff. 

Second, training is provided through various associations and organizations when FHKAD attorneys are asked to speak to membership at various events. 

Third, FHKAD provides periodic trainings to its clients at our offices by invitation-only. 

Fourth, FHKAD provides its clients a quarterly newsletter on legal issues which may impact them.