Workers' Compensation

At FHKAD, we pride ourselves on making workers’ compensation “workable” for employers.


At FHKAD, we are experienced in providing clients advice and representation with all facets of a workers' compensation claim.

At the outset, FHKAD attorneys assist employers in preparing policies and procedures in order to minimize the risk of workplace injuries and exposure.

When workplace injuries occur, we advise employers on conducting effective investigations regarding the injury.

After a workers’ compensation claim is filed, FHKA defends employers before the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission and in Court.  In advising clients, FHKAD attorneys work closely with the employer and its third-party administrator to determine the most effective and efficient method for defending the claim.

We also advise employers on how to effectively manage workers compensation claims and the affected employees.

The goal of FHKAD is provide employers sensible advice and effective representation to resolve and administer workers’ compensation matters.